My name is Angeliqa Jonsson, I'm a fashion photographer currently traveling between France & Sweden.
I grew up in a small city called Norrköping, which is on the East coast of Sweden.

I took a interest in photography, culture and art at an early age and after completing school with a focus on Photography, IT & media in 2007, I have traveled the globe to experience different cultures, meet inspiring people and work as a photographer.

In 2013 I studied Photo Imaging at CATC in Sydney, Australia and earnt a diploma of Photography. Since then I have worked with companies such as Canon Australia, Experience Oz and I have also photographed collections for designers like Vita Pärlan (Sweden) and Octaria Yang (France).

Traveling to different countries has made me very conscious about preserving the beautiful planet that we are lucky to have. Fashion is a tough industry and needs to be built strong with clothes that is kind towards nature and the animals living in it. We all need to take responsibility and do the best to what we are capable. With this being said I aim to work with designers who create sustainable fashion with a clear conscience.

I find inspiration from nature, human emotions, color and elegance. Clients have told me my photos ask questions and tell stories with a mysterious approach.
I always pay attention to my clients wishes and work hard to outperform every expectation. 

I am constantly working on personal projects to keep my knowledge and creativity fresh.
Please don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to or contact me with the form below if you are looking for a photographer for a project or have any questions.

Best wishes,
Angeliqa Jonsson Photography


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