Hello! So happy you're here.

My name is Angeliqa Jonsson, I'm a portrait and fashion photographer currently moving between France & Sweden.

I took a interest in photography, culture and art at an early age. What drives me is my longing to tell a story. After completing school with a focus on Photography, IT & media in 2007, I have traveled the globe to experience different cultures, meet inspiring people and work as a photographer. My photography has since this been published in magazines over the world.

My main inspiration is found within nature, culture & human emotions. In my photos you can see environments around the world which have inspired me to create. People from different backgrounds, with different stories. People I feel a connection to.

Clients have told me my photos ask questions and tell stories with a mysterious approach.
I am constantly working on personal projects to keep my knowledge and creativity fresh.

Please don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to.

Below you can find my contact info for collabs, work and questions.

Best wishes,
Angeliqa Jonsson Photography
Email: angeliqa.jonsson@mail.com


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