Who am I?

Hi! My name is Angeliqa, the photographer behind the images you find on this website. I'm a very curious woman who completely loves traveling and exploring the world. Meeting new people is a fun part of my job and something a try to do often. I'm a typical morning person who adores sunrises and breakfast, I could probably eat it for every meal of the day. 

I started the first part of my company in Australia in 2013 I have then continued my journey throughout the world and have worked with companies in New Zealand, France, England and Sweden. I love photography for the variation of work I get to do and the interesting and inspiring people I meet everyday. Also, of course, for the places it brings me. My passion for arts shows in my personal life where I amongst others, create macrame hangings and draw portraits.

My main passion within my business is in portrait and lifestyle photography, but I also sell images from my travels and photograph fashion in collaboration with magazines and designers. Something that I enjoy a lot.

Booking the right photographer to get the images you're looking for is very important.  I work closely together with project leaders and entrepreneurs to find the most creative and best images that suits your company best. I'm not afraid to ask questions to make sure the final product is exactly what you're searching for. If you're searching for a bubbly, energetic and interested photographer you are in the right place.

To make your search easier you'll find information about the services I offer below.  Easy peasy :D  

Send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page with any questions you might have.


Whatever’s been getting in the way of you stepping in front of the camera— let's start over.

Getting that professional photo for your LinkedIn profile can make all the difference. A portrait of yourself is also a great gift to a loved one, and a opportunity for yourself to go back down memory lane at a later time in your life. How much fun is it not to look back at photos from your younger self? Even better if your (future?) grandchildren will have a photo of you to look back on which is not a snapchat filtered selfie with bunny ears?

I customise every photoshoot especially for the person booking it, so say goodbye to traditional, boring portraits. We will create something especially for you. Environmental portraits is my thing so wherever you feel most comfortable we will set up a studio for the day.

Personal branding - For the entrepreneur

Whichever focus your business has, it's important to give a great first impression- show that you're a professional and that you care about your brand. When people see, like and are interested in your business - they want to work with you. To help you stand out and book more clients I'll deliver bright, sharp & personal photos to make your brand shine and push your social media, website & image towards the professional look people are after.

Your business is important and so is the portrait you choose of yourself for your brand. You are the cornerstone of your business and using a selfie to market yourself won't cut it.

For the company

I have worked with designers, artists and businesses within the entertainment industry, financial businesses in Sydney and travel companies in Australia.
Whatever your business is about, I will bring out the brightest parts about it and help you market your company, whether your product is music, theatre, book covers, insurance or bungy jumping.

I take portraits, lifestyle images or environmental photos that create the image you want your clients think about when they see your name. I will work together with my own creative team, or with a team you assign to me, to create the best images possible for your company.
I have a studio available for portraits and product photography located in Norrköping, Sweden, or will travel to work from a place of your choice.

For the fashion designer

No matter if you're an established designer, or a new designer - I'm here to help you make your work stand out from the rest.
I am used to working with professional models, make up artists and stylists and will shape the light to make your designs pop. 

Earlier I have worked with fashion designers in England, France and Sweden and I have no problem with traveling to new places to shoot. I'm full of ideas when it comes to choosing a location for your photoshoot. Together we will decide what will help tell your products story in the best possible light and environment. 

What do you charge? 


Every job is different. Therefor I will put together a price perfectly tailored for your needs.

It can be good to know that when I price a photoshoot I take the following into account:

Preparation hours, location of shoot (does the job include travels?), amount of photos, use of images, photoshoot-team (is a team such as make up artists/assistant required?), hours shooting, retouch and delivery (includes all work after the photoshoot).

As you can see there's a lot of information that goes into the pricing of a photoshoot. Don't worry about figuring out all the listed subjects right now, together we will discuss all of the above, and after this I will put together a perfectly tailored package-price for your needs. 

Send me a message below to begin our collaboration.


Payments are usually done with in one billing after your photoshoot, but I do offer payment plans where you can separate your payment in 3 blocks (3 months). This is a great option for the new entrepreneur who wants to get their business up and running straight away but may not have a budgetplan for it in the beginning. It can also be a great way to fund a bigger investment for your company.

Ask me more about payment plans using the form below.

Write me an email!

When you send me an email using the form below, we will have a conversation regarding what you want and you will be sent available dates. In the message tell me what your photos are for, how you're planning on using them and how many photos you expect to need out of our photoshoot.

Don't forget to let me know what city/country you live in or where you want your photos taken :).

I can't wait to hear from you.

Best wishes,


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