“Angeliqa photographs the world, with people in it. Whatever the mission, she will make sure your company's photos will stand out and draw people's eyes.”

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My name is Angeliqa, I’m a photographer from the snow-covered grounds of Sweden.

Hi! My name is Angeliqa, the photographer behind the images you find on this website. I'm a very curious woman who completely loves traveling and exploring the world. Meeting new people is a fun part of my job and something a try to do often. I'm a typical morning person who adores sunrises and breakfast, I could probably eat it for every meal of the day. 

I started the first part of my company in Australia in 2013, after this I have continued my journey throughout the world and have worked with companies in New Zealand, France, England and Sweden. I love photography for the variation of work I get to do and the interesting and inspiring people I meet everyday. Also, of course, for the places it brings me. My passion for arts shows in my personal life where I amongst others, create macrame hangings and draw portraits.

My main passion within my business is in creative portraiture and lifestyle photography, but I also sell images from my travels and photograph fashion in collaboration with magazines and designers. My job gives me a lot of creative freedom, which I enjoy a lot.

I am currently located in Norrköping, Sweden, but because of my love for adventures I’m always interested in work abroad and travel a lot.



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Angeliqa har drivit företag som fotograf sedan 2013. Hon startade sitt företag i Australien och har sedan dess inriktat in sig mot företag, artister & privatpersoner för porträtt, mode och eventfoto. Angeliqa har jobbat som fotograf i Australien, Nya Zeeland, Frankrike och England. Ett av hennes första fotojobb gjorde hon på Nantucket i USA där hon fotade en familj vid Great point lighthouse.



Telefon: +46 701721664

Mail: angeliqa.jonsson@mail.com

Utgår från: Norrköping